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How to win in Online Poker

The ability to play poker online from your home on your tablet or smartphone, or to play when you are traveling, are one of the best improvement in the last two decades. You don’t need to fly and go to casino to play which can reduce the cost before playing.

Nowadays you can find million of player playing online competitively anytime. Judi Poker terbaik have thousands of players all the time and has hundreds of tables to join anytime.

However before you play, spend a few minutes to learn more about online poker, way to play and some strategies.

Strategies Playing Online Poker.

The strategies to play online poker basically are the same with offline poker strategies. The one difference is in online poker, you cannot see and look at your opponent physically so to read you opponent, you need to make some movement adjustment from direct play to online play.

Below are important points from online poker strategies that you need to focus on to be a winner.

  1. Starting Hand

If you want to be a winner, you need to pick better starting hand and play smartly. The good news are most of online poker play with too many cards so you can play your strategy easier.

  • Position

Position also related directly with the starting hand. Only play the strongest hand when you are in the early position and you will get better result. Most players ignore this position so if you use this strategy, you will be one step ahead from other players.

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  • Choosing Table

Don’t be like most of online poker players that immediately jump to the first table they see. Spend some time to observe some tables and find the table with bad players. Choose to play with bad players and not a good players, then you will get better result.

  • Bluffing

Until you reach medium or high limit, don’t bluff at all. Player in the lower limit will not know if you are bluffing and they tend to follow every bet so your bluffing will fail.

  • Able to read tendency to play

You cannot see your opponent when you play poker online, but you can observe the tendency they do. Some players can be predicted on some circumstances and if you can observe and learn this situation, you can use the information to raise your winning.

  • Bankroll /  money management.

It might be sound weird to put this in the strategy section, however the best online poker player follow the bankroll guidelines and if you want to be the best, you need to pay attention to this. Make sure you have enough money to support your play on your current level.

Poker Online Playing Style

When you play online poker, the way you play some game can be classified as one of four different play style. It is very important to know your play style and your opponent play style.

  1. Tight and Aggressive

Playing tight and aggressive means you don’t play every card on hand. You only play when you think you have good hand and worth to play with, and when you get the hand you want, you play aggressively. That means you bet and raise to make your opponent make a mistake. You seldom check and call because you cannot make your opponents fold if you play passively. Playing tight and aggressive are consider the best profitable style to play.

  • Loose and Aggressive

Players with loose and aggressive play aggressively, but loose players play more hand. Players of this type usually bet and raise with common hand and even with bad hand.

  • Tight and Passive

A passive player seldom bet or raise, they only choose to check and call on most situation. This style doesn’t force your opponent to make mistakes and force yourself to show the best because your opponents don’t have the chance to fold. Player with this style can play and reach even point, however very difficult to be a winner with this kind of style.

  • Loose and Passive

A loose player that play passively doesn’t have a chance to win in short term or long term. They play too many hands and let their opponents to lead the action. Basically, this type f player only waste their money.

Tips: You have to play tight and aggressive as many as you can if you want to win in the long term. On some games, you can loose your game abit but need to play aggressively as many as you can.

If you can predict your opponent gameplay to one of the categories, you can use this information to fight them. If you know your opponent is an aggressive player, then sometimes you can use check or call even if you have a good hand because they definitely will bet and raise. If you play against a passive player, you can play draw card because they will not make the bet higher.